who we are

Univeye I.K.E.

An R&D company, founded in Science & Technology Park of Epirus.

It is specialized in the development of intelligent information systems, Web software engineering, scalable applications, database engineering and design, data warehousing, business optimization, automating business operations, and the like. UNIVEYE delivers full life-cycle solutions in User Interface Engineering, Specialized Cloud Services, Web, Desktop, Mobile, Embedded systems, and big data software using Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD).


By following innovative and proven methodologies, we have built a dynamic and service-oriented company, which is positioned to successfully respond to trends and changes in the ICT sector.


Our knowledge in combination with our technology expertise is continuously updated in order to support our clients in all their business decisions, and enable specific key performance indicators.


The UNIVEYE founders have had long and successful engagement with EU and National-funded large scale projects, including valuable connections but also thorough awareness of the R&D framework programs.

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